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Franke & De la Fuente is a law firm that specialises in property transactions

As independent advisers and legal representatives, we guide and assist our clients throughout the investment process, including market and investment consultation, legal due diligence of the property and the seller, all contractual matters, compliance guidance, and practical tasks such as applying for national identity numbers, certificates, and dealing with all taxes involved in the transaction. We don't tell you what to buy, but we do help you to buy smartly and safely.

Successful real estate investment requires skill, extensive research, education and some calculated risk. The way an investment property is used can also significantly affect its value. To determine the potential of a property in Spain, it is critical to understand all urban legislation, taxes, and costs involved. Knowing how the market works, being aware of certain required inspections, and, most importantly, having an established and extensive network are all particularly important factors. At Franke & de la Fuente, we understand how to navigate an often-complicated landscape in order to provide clients with advice and representation on all aspects of their investment.

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