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Franke & de la Fuente is a law firm focused on Urban Law

Urban law is the collection of policies, legislation, guidelines, decisions, and practices that govern the management and development of the urban environment. Expertise in this legal area is crucial to provide proper and correct advice for any property investment. The General Urban Development Plan for each municipality needs to be known and studied to avoid any traps or misunderstandings when searching for a new property home or to invest. Specifically, the plan for Marbella holds a special chapter for all professionals on the coast. The current plan is from 1986. A new plan was decided on February 25, 2010, but it was revoked by the Supreme Court 2015. As a consequence, the plan from 1986 was reinstated. A new plan is being prepared.

To conduct a proper due diligence of a property or land it is sometimes needed to conduct a report prepared from an architect. The report can guide a buyer on what can be build, how much and under what timeframe. Franke & de la Fuente acts as an independent advisor for investors and buyers in all aspects of the purchase which requires thorough knowledge and understanding of all relevant urban legislations and laws.

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