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Franke & de la Fuente is a law firm focused on Corporate Law

Corporate law, also known as company or business law, refers to the legal practice of law relating to corporations, or the theory of corporations. We represent companies about matters throughout the whole life-cycle of the corporation and all aspects of company law.

Corporations in the end, are people. People with ambitions, plans and visions. Franke & de la Fuente is built by a team of lawyers dedicated to assisting and advising the people behind those corporations to fulfill their plans, dreams and visions. Sometimes we need to act and protect our clients in their business affairs.

But, much as often, we guide our clients and business owners through the legal landscape with the purpose to ease processes and compliance within the corporation and to free up your time for the most important part. To make good business. Our clients run a wide variety of businesses on Costa del Sol and this law firm is acquainted not only with the legal tools to optimize their business but also the network to create new business opportunities. We are lawyers, but also ourselves entrepreneurs with understanding of the challenges and efforts needed to create a thriving business.

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