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Franke & De la Fuente is a law firm that specialises in Private Client Law

We cultivate strong and long-lasting client-lawyer relationships. Many of our clients place their trust in us as their family lawyer, and we represent them in all aspects of life and the law.

Every new client is a new relationship. We sometimes provide minor legal assistance to clients, and other times we work on major or ongoing projects. Whatever the nature of the case, it's all about the meeting with the client. Everything revolves around trust. In a trusting and confidential relationship, clients feel comfortable with us being privy to private matters that may require legal attention or friendly advice.

As an international law firm, we have clients from all around the world. With different languages, cultures and traditions. As international lawyers, we must be familiar with legal principles in other countries. This allows us to assist clients with all of their affairs, not only with current Spanish legislation.

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