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Do you want to invest in a property on Costa del Sol?

Investing in a property abroad is never easy. Unknown urban and civil legislation. A wide variety of contracts. Promises not being kept. Players acting in their self-interest. It can be a jungle out there, as the saying goes.

Team up with us from the very beginning. Together we can start your journey to not only find that dream property but do it in a safe and secure way.

It is truly our passion. Because it is needed on this market. And because it is our job as lawyers.


Legal Services

Franke & de la Fuente is a law firm focused on property transactions. To perform on the highest level and to guarantee premium legal representation we have to be, and we are, experts in the following legal categories.

Property Investments

As independent advisors and legal representatives, we guide and assist our clients in every part of the investment process.

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Tax Law

We are specialists in Spanish and International Tax Law for individuals and corporations.

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Private Client Law

We build strong and long lasting client-lawyer relationships. They rely on us as their family lawyer.

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Corporate Law

We represent companies in relation to matters throughout the whole life-cycle of the corporation and in all aspects of company law.

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Inheritance Law

As experts in international relations, we represent and assist our clients in all matters related to Inheritance and Hereditary Law.

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Urban Law

Policies, legislation, guidelines, decisions, and practices that govern the management and development of the city.

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