We are a full-service, international law firm specialized in property transactions and tax law

We perform our bespoke services with a great focus on professionalism, customer service, and honest dedication to each client. And, we probably speak your language.

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Francesca and Julián Lawyers Franke & de la Fuente

Our Mission

Through our own professional and personal experience, we felt that something was missing in the process of property investment: the true will to satisfy, help and protect the client. As lawyers, we have an obligation of independence, secrecy and transparency toward our clients. But we are not only defined by our profession. This law firm is just as much defined by its strive to perform the smoothest and most reliable property transactions on the coast. And this ambition can only be achieved by smart and modern processes, attention to details and most importantly: truly understanding and respectin the clients' position. 

Our commitment is to provide personal attention and availability to our clients. The routines and processes are bespoke, modern and adjusted to high standards. Communication and transparency are key to a successful transaction, not only with the acting parties but everybody involved in the process. You are on a journey of buying your dream home in the sun. That is a lovely thing. We make sure that the process of getting there is just as lovely as the dream itself. 


Legal Services

Franke & de la Fuente is a law firm that specialises in real estate transactions. To perform at the highest level and provide premium legal representation, we must be experts in the following legal categories, which we are.

Property Investments

As independent advisers and legal representatives, we guide and assist our clients throughout the investment process.

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Tax Law

We specialise in Spanish and International Tax Law for individuals and corporations.

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Private Client Law

We cultivate strong and long-lasting client-lawyer relationships. We earn your trust as your family lawyer.

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Corporate Law

We represent companies in all aspects of corporate law and throughout the company's entire life cycle.

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Inheritance Law

As international relations experts, we represent and assist our clients in all aspects of inheritance and succession law.


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Urban Law

Policies, legislation, guidelines, decisions, and practices that govern city management and development.

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