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Franke & de la Fuente: Call the lawyer first

Once the idea of owning your own dream home in Spain has popped into your mind it’s almost impossible to think about anything else. When you start the process of making this dream a reality there are plenty of things that you need to consider. The first, and the most important one, is to call a lawyer. This should be the first step of your property journey and there are several reasons why.

Why do you need to call the lawyer first before buying a property in Spain?

The real estate market is largely unregulated and basically anyone can operate as a real estate agent without a license or education in the field. You wouldn’t want to get involved with an agent that is not serious and doesn’t have your best interest at heart. By putting your lawyer and your real estate agent in contact early on you can ensure you’re in good hands and you have a great start to the purchase process.

Your lawyer will help you through all the different stages, from the start until you’re the owner of your new property, and with only one goal in mind – to protect your interests. When you call the lawyer first you are guaranteed the tranquility of knowing that you are making an informed decision when you have found your dream home.

Your lawyer is going to negotiate all the terms and conditions in the contracts related to the purchase of your property and no detail will be left to chance.

As the information is not as readily available to the general public in Spain as it might be in your country of residence, acquiring all the documentation and doing the due diligence on the property can be a daunting task. It is however one of the most important ones. Most of the time gathering the information and ensuring the property is sold without charges and encumbrances involves a personal appearance at local authorities and so does the signing of the purchase title deed. But don’t worry, your lawyer will tend to this so that you can only focus on the fun parts – the decoration and design of your new home!

Not only does the lawyer take care of the actual legal parts of the purchase process as mentioned above, but they will also take charge of many of the administrative tasks involved in acquiring a property in Spain. This includes applying for a NIE number, opening a bank account, and, when the time comes, contracting electricity and water in your name for your new home. In other words, you can enjoy a glass or two of sangria in the sun while your lawyer is doing the hard work for you.

So, the only thing you have to remember when you decide to buy a property in Spain is to call the lawyer first and the rest of the process will be as smooth as the glittering Mediterranean sea on a warm summer day!

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